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The Second Conference on General Aviation Flight Data Monitoring
Final Report
An FAA/ASIAS grant was awarded through the Center for General Aviation Research (CGAR). The grant was to support the development and delivery of the second conference on General Aviation Flight Data Monitoring (GAFDM the first was held at ERAU Daytona in January 2007). The members of the steering group for this grant were:
Dr. David A. Esser, PI, ERAU
Mr. Peter Morton, ERAU
Prof. James Higgins, UND
Capt. Stuart �Kipp� Lau, CAPACG
Capt. Larry McCarroll, CAPACG
Capt. Scott D. Meacham, CAPACG

The steering group was tasked with the following:

� Development of a conference agenda.
� Arrangements for accommodations including conference housing, conference sponsored meals and breaks, and communication of special arranged rates available at local hotels.
� Design of agenda structure.
� Design of speaker and panel charges.
� Facilitation of conference.
� Invitations and preparation briefings to conference presenters.
� Invitations to conference attendees.
� Record keeping of committed presenters and registrants.
� Preparation of conference proceedings.
� Dissemination of electronic conference proceedings.

The objectives of the conference were:
� A review of actual FDM activity taking place in the general aviation and rotary wing community.
� A review of FDM hardware, software and process developments since January 2007.
� Development of a proposal for funding an expanded FDM research and demonstration project (Demoproj) and solicitation of participants who desire to participate.
� Exploration of safety, economic, and productivity benefits that can be expected from FDM.
� Exploration of data management opportunities and challenges in general aviation FDM applications, and correlation to experience in Part 121 operations.
� Commitment to a broad demonstration project in fixed wing FDM among general aviation applications in fractional, academic training, air taxi, and charter operations.

The conference was held as planned August 18th and 19th at Embry-Riddle in Daytona Beach.
Over 70 participants representing 50 aviation organizations from around the world were in attendance. Some of those organizations were:
1. Aerobytes
2. Alakai Technologies
3. American Eurocopter & IHST
4. Appareo Systems
5. Avidyne Corp
6. AvSafe
7. Baldwin Aviation
8. Bell Helicopter/Textron
9. Brown Aviation Lease
10. CAE
12. Cape Air
13. Cessna
14. Cirrus Aircraft
15. Darden Restaurants
16. Data Union
17. Delta Connection Academy
18. Diamond
19. Embraer
20. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
21. FAA- Accident Investigation
22. FAA- AJP-635
23. FAA- Flight Safety Team/AJP-6350
24. FAA- Office of Accident Investigation
25. FAA- Voluntary Safety Programs
26. FAA- WJH Technical Center, AJP-635
27. FIT Aviation/Florida Tech
28. GAMA
29. Global Aerospace
31. HQ Civil Air Patrol
32. L-3 Communications
33. LTM Inc
34. The MITRE Corp
36. NASCAR Aviation
37. NTSB
38. OuterLink Corp
39. PHI
40. Physical Optics Corp
41. Remos Aircraft
42. Sagem
43. SATSair
44. SimAuthor, Inc
45. Technical Data Analysis Inc
46. Trike Aerosport
47. University of North Dakota
48. University of South Australia
49. University of Western Ontario
50. Western Michigan University

To view or download the proceedings please go to
The individual presentations are listed also available is a list of attendees, pictures from the events, and specific documents relative to the FDM discussions. A culminated report is available under the link
Conference Final Reports - Task II of the proposed research project

GA Flight Data Monitoring Conference Final Report
GA Flight Data Monitoring Conference Final Report (zipped)

The Steering Group wishes to gratefully acknowledge the support and guidance provided by the FAA�s Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS)
Jay Pardee, FAA Director, Office of Aviation Safety Analytical Services
John Lapointe , Manager, Flight Safety Team
James Fee, Operations Research Analyst, Office of Aviation Safety Analytical Services
Vasudeva Kolli, Engineer, Flight Safety Team
Tom Tessitore, R&D Program Manager, Flight Safety Team
Michael Vu, R&D Project Manager, Flight Safety Team

Thanks as well to the Center for General Aviation Research (CGAR)
Mr. Michael Edwards
Dr. Steven Hampton
Mr. Peter Sparacino

Center For General Aviation Research
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
600 S. Clyde Morris Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114-3900
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